Fund Raising – Legacies

Leaving a legacy

By leaving a gift in your will you can help future generations of people in Birmingham enjoy the freedom and independence offered by Shopmobility.

If you already have a will, you can add a gift to Birmingham Shopmobility. It is important to have any changes made professionally either by your solicitor, bank or other advisor. You may find it more convenient to include a gift when making any other changes you may with to make when next updating your will. Your solicitor or other advisor will usually incorporate the changes in a new will, which you will need to sign in the presence of witnesses.

If you have not already made a will you can simply contact your solicitor, your bank or other advisor who can talk you through the process.

You can leave a gift in your will in three ways!

A Residuary Gift

After you have made adequate provisions for your friends, family and other loved ones. You can leave whats left – the residue of your estate to your favourite charity, like Birmingham Shopmobility. Leaving a gift in this way also means that the gift increases in line with inflation.

A Cash Gift

This is a fixed amount of money! You simply need to decide how much you feel is appropriate and have it included in your will. It is worth noting that this figure will decrease in value and you may wish to review it periodically!

A Gift in Kind

A gift in kind is a belonging left to charity. This could be a property, an ornament or piece of jewellery in fact anything you wish to leave to charity in your will.